Battle of the Skillest.

Another weekend, another city, another jam. 

So here we go to The Last Day Saloon in Santa Rosa (which happens to be the last city where Charles M. Schulz lived, as we notice all the Peanuts statues driving through downtown). 

Now, we weren’t expecting some huge exciting event, but it ended up being a pretty cool day. The jam was set up perfectly for having a 13 and under battle - there was a floor, and a elevated area with tables around so parents/guests could sit. Being at the saloon there was also a diner so families eat together, which all gave a pretty nice family vibe. 

The judges didn’t “call” any battles like normally happens, but instead just picked the top 4 or finals out of the whole batch (like a series of showcases to make it to the next round).  Different way of doing things. 

Either way, congratulations to Bailrock for taking the 13 and under (plus to the little kid in the finals with those nice flares) and to some of 916’s own for taking the 4 v. 4.  

Until next week …  

-K-tops (

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